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  • High Quality Vinyl Stickers
  • Die Cut
Rusty Stickers for Your Ride!

Rust is good. It’s dependable. For heaven’s sake, it’s organic!

Once you discover the freedom that can only be achieved by owning a rusty ride, you’ll quickly enjoy no longer caring about frivolous things such as shiny paint, a structurally sound chassis, or even regularly scheduled maintenance. You’ll feel alive and your wallet will thank you. And if you ever find yourself doubting some of the choices you’ve made in life, as rust eventually eats holes in your ride, just slap one of these here premium stickers over the holes and keep on truckin.

After all, FSM stickers are certified non-GMO, non CEO, free-range and ultra sticky icky! *our certification specialist resigned after a freak hovercraft accident so nobody has really certified anything around here in years.

However, I slapped one of these stickers on your mom’s front door, and it’s still there so these must be certifiably good and stuff.

Each pack includes 4 Stickers:
- one 8.5" Rust Is Lighter Than Carbon Fiber Bumper Sticker
- one Special Edition 3.75" Rust Is Lighter Sticker
- one Special Edition 4.25" #ThatllBuffOut Sticker
- one 3.25" FSM Logo Sticker

$10.95 each
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