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  • 100% Nylon with Interior waterproof coating
  • Waterproof coating (Level 3)
  • Breathable inner coating
  • Water Pressure Resistance (10,000 mm)
  • Antique brass 6 snap front closure
  • Elastic cuffs with drawcord closure at bottom opening
  • Underarm grommets and antique brass eyelets
  • Standard fit
  • Chest Width is measured 1 inch below armhole in inches
  • Body length is from the highest point on the shoulder in inches
  • Sleeve length is from the center back to the hem in inches
Size Body Length
Chest Width
Sleeve Length
Small 29 21 26
Medium 30 22 27
Large 31 23 28
XL 32 24.5 29
2XL 33 26 30
3XL 34 27.5 31
Official FSM Coaches Jacket

I own 9 different black hoodies and an untold number of black tee-shirts. What can I say? I am man of constant change.

Right about now, though, it's not quite cold enough to warrant a hoodie but we are way past tee-shirt weather here in Georgia. Ya know's perfect on days like this? Beer! and the FSM Coach's jacket! It's soft, lightweight, and not guaranteed in any way shape or form to repel rain. However, it does do a lot of other things that similar layers of outerwear simply cannot. For instance, if you need to sneak a family of four into a Little League ball game and those cheap seats behind the dugout aren't cutting it for grandma's cataract-laden eyeballs, then just slide into this black and white number and watch as chain link gates just fly open!

This jacket is like a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's crib. I don't guarantee you can stroll right up behind home plate and kick dirt all over the part-time Ump's faux leather kicks without there being minor repercussions, but you will certainly look like you could. If nothing else, kids from the opposing team will look upon you the same way they gaze approvingly at a pack of Big League Chew and isn't that practically almost the same kind of feeling as box seats at Yankee stadium?

I won't bore you with the notion that this jacket will also increase your odds of getting past security at any racing event or concert you so desire because the odds are good that this statement may be false but much like anything on the internet today who's really doing the fact checking? Besides, if you cant trust your Coach then you may as well turn off the lights, lock the doors, and hunker down for the next 30 days until we leave 2020 in the dust. Just be sure wear the FSM Coach's jacket just in case the purge comes to your front door and it's lead by a bunch of kids with baseball bats.

$59.99 each
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