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  • High Quality Vinyl Stickers
  • Die Cut
Jerry Rigg U Student Life Sticker Pack

Here at Jerry Rigg University we believe in everyone’s unrestricted right to enjoy obscene amounts of power. We don’t care who you are, where you’re from, don’t care what you did as long as you love torque!

We also know that not everyone comes into this crazy world automatically knowing how to create insane power from internal combustion engines.

Don’t sweat it. Think of us as a fuel injected oasis in a wasteland of useless law degrees and medical programs, which won’t make your car any faster or you any cooler. Whether you seek to design and construct the ultimate horsetorque powerplant yourself or simply want a crash-course in power management, we’ve got the electives you need. We also adhere to a strict code of ethics, which enables us to guide you in making the right choice anytime your project car or life is in disrepair.

The Jerry U. curriculum follows the code with valuable situational advice, which works anywhere or anytime; Enroll in our school and you’ll learn how to repair a busted taillight using nothing more than a supercharger. You’ll also master the art of placating your significant other during times of stress with—you guessed it— a supercharger!

The Jerry Rigg U. way has helped countless semi-professional racers, engine builders and tattoo artists better their lives through the miracles of modern petroleum-based science.

Cant make it to class? You can still enjoy the appearance of enlightenment with the latest Jerry Rigg U sticker pack. Slap these babies on your bumper and bystanders will be in awe of your yuge cranium, bruh!

Each pack includes 4 Stickers:
- one 8" In Torque We Trust Bumper Sticker
- one Special Edition 3.5" Torque We Trust
- one Special Edition 3.5" Master Class
- one 3.75" FSM Zip Tie Logo

$10.99 each
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