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  • Super-Soft feel
  • Double-needle bottom hem & sleeves
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamed collar
  • Preshrunk
Size Width (in.) Length (in.)
Small 18 28
Medium 20 29
Large 22 30.5
XL 24 31.5
2XL 26 32.5
3XL 28 33.5
Hide and Go Seek World Champion shirt

You wanna know what the most disappointing noise in the world is?

It’s the sound of a tool or fastener NOT hitting the ground after you drop it inside of the engine compartment. You may know exactly where the it went into the engine bay when it slipped out of your battle-worn fingers, but once it vanishes out of sight its whereabouts are a mystery. If you don’t hear the sweet, sweet echo of metal hitting pavement, then the odds are good that thing is lost to the sands of time.

Only two scenarios exist within our universe in this situation; It’s either gonna come flying out of the crankshaft balancer at 8,000 rpm as you lay rubber across the highway and dent the backside of your hood, or for the rest of your life that utensil of horsepower is gonna haunt you every time you reach into the toolbox for it. And if there’s ever been one universally hard-to-find socket in the rack, one amazingly stubborn little bugger that more often than not cannot be found, it’s the mother humpin’ 10mm socket! It don’t matter if it’s the little 1/4-drive 10mm or its bigger and angrier cousin, the 3/8-drive 10mm chrome-plated bad boy; Either one will disappear in a cloud of mayhem like that really hot chick and her friends you just bought a round of drinks for at the bar if you let them slip away.

This shirt is for everybody who has experienced the utter hell, which comes from wasting hours looking for something that can’t be found. You are not alone, friends. You are not alone.

$26.99 each
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