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  • 10 oz Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Fleece lined hood
  • Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Split stitch double needle sewing on all seams
  • Generous Fit
Size Chest Width Length
Small 21 28.5
Medium 23 29.5
Large 24.5 30.5
XL 26.5 31.5
2XL 27.5 32.5
3XL 28.5 33.5
Hide and Go Seek World Champion Hoodie

It’s cold this time of year. Dark, damp and unforgiving, the winter season seems to last forever. The breeze, which just a few weeks earlier felt warm and inviting, now punches you in the nostrils like a stiff jab from Jake Paul.

This time of year feels similar, nay, it feels exactly the same as getting ghosted by your crush or opening the toolbox to find your last 10mm socket is gone. The combination of surprise and denial is quickly followed by a deep foreboding, for you know the feeling all too well; your love and/or the one thing that can completely disassemble most of a 1994 Toyota mini-truck or at least remove the charge wire from most any aftermarket alternator, has vanished from you life for eternity. It will not return. Yes, there will be a hole in your heart and the chrome vanadium-plated tool rack that once housed this essential spinner of nuts! You’re only hope is to replace it with something similar, such as a worn 3/8 socket or a stocky redhead at closing time.

If neither of these options seem that enticing then consider this offer: Buy this hoodie and join a not-so-exclusive club of gearheads who know exactly how you feel. They will not ditch you or reject you. They are you and you are them. The only difference is the size of their Hide and Go Seek World Champion Hoodie and that, friends, means we are all the same.

Stay vigilant, my friends.

$59.99 each
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