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  • Super-Soft feel
  • Double-needle bottom hem & sleeves
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamed collar
  • Preshrunk
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XL 24 31.5
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FSM Scientist Shirt

Success in life is brought about by a combination of luck, preparation and confidence.

That last bit is the most important ingredient in the formula, for without confidence we never put ourselves in a position for preparation and luck to have a snowball’s chance in hell of working!

It doesn’t matter if you’re bungee jumping, disarming an IED, or hitting on a nun, you must be confident in your approach or you’re doomed to a life of regret and/or extreme physical pain. Confidence, a little prep time and a dash of luck and you’re golden in nearly any situation.

This same methodology applies to working a vehicle, too. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean you can’t make it your bitch! If you’ve never laid eyes on it, you have to have the confidence to dive right in, even if your only base of knowledge comes from a random night of drinking with somebody who told you they once saw that same vehicle fall off of a cliff. Never touched it before? It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve had beers with somebody else who has. It’s called Osmosis and allegedly it works.

The moral of this story is to drink beers with people smarter than you and then be sure to end the drinking session with a firm handshake or a hearty hug! I’m not gonna guarantee an immediate transfer of their power into your brain but I’ve had beers with several scientists and wrenched on a lot of cars I’ve never seen before and I’m still alive to write this description of this here t-shirt. 

$26.99 each
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