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  • Super-Soft feel
  • Double-needle bottom hem & sleeves
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamed collar
  • Preshrunk
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Freedom Edition - Fossil Fuels Shirt

Freedom. It has a different meaning for everyone.

For gearheads like us, freedom means hitting the open road in something we can be proud of. Whether you build that machine from scratch with your own two hands or buy a steaming pile of junk off the internet just to avoid the hassle of renting an econobox for a road trip, in either scenario once you hit the highway you are free. Free from everyday life, stress at home, the relentless onslaught of bills or homework or even your day job—once behind the wheel you are free.

As gear heads we understand that nothing is free and freedom requires fuel, fuel that is readily available and somewhat cheap to obtain. It’s tough to roam freely if you have to sweat the fact that perhaps you may not be able to refuel your ride (Cough, Cough I’m looking at you EV-lovers out there!) at a moments notice, which is why we can all agree that fossil fuels rule! Until there is a fast charging station on ever corner of every city then there’s no way to feel the sweet heat of freedom when ripping across the highways and byways without Fossil Fuels in your tank.

Plus, freedom needs a soundtrack and what better sound is there than the music of OUR people? Whether its the rumble of a hard-hitting V8 or the staccato of a well-tuned Inline 6, the result is the same—a wide grin on our faces every damn time we drop the hammer, bang a gear, and speed off into the fading sunset.

And what fuels this automotive nirvana? Fossil Fuels, baby! Show the world you know what’s up—get the Fossil Fuels Freedom Edition shirt right now!

$26.99 each
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